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Who We Are


I'm Todd Sevigny, the proud owner with a rich history of over 32 years dedicated to servicing automobiles and watercraft. My journey began when I graduated from the Autobody Program at Greater Lowell Technical High School, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion.

For 15 years, I owned and skillfully operated the Amherst Street Collision Center located in Nashua, NH. During this time, I honed my expertise in repairing vehicles for major insurance companies and dealerships, earning their trust through meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication.

Taking innovation on the road, I ventured into the realm of mobile automotive appearance correction. Collaborating closely with automotive dealerships, I tackled everything from minor blemishes to complex paint defects, restoring vehicles to their pristine state.

Fueled by both a passion for the craft and a wealth of experience, I've also embraced the art of creating bespoke cars and motorcycles. Through careful assembly and masterful painting, I've turned visions into reality, crafting unique rides that stand as a testament to my commitment to excellence.

Embark On Excellence!

At Elite Auto and Marine, my journey merges with my dedication. I invite you to experience a new echelon of automotive and marine services, where skill, passion, and a legacy of craftsmanship converge.

Crafting Excellence

on Wheels and Waves