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Automotive Protection Package

Spotting is eliminated and cleaning dirt and debris is easy after your automotive is treated with ceramic protection and ongoing maintenance is a breeze. The automotive paint is protected for years to come with a semi-permanent ceramic application. And, a year warranty ensures your automotive shines for the long haul!

This package includes:

• 2 layers of System X Xtreme SS™ are applied on top of the existing paint, providing long-term protection for over a year.

• 2 Layers of Xtreme Super Slick™ 9H ceramic

• 2 Layers of Xtreme Super Slick™ 9H on badges, emblems, trim

• 1 layer of Glass™ on the windshield
• Interior™ protection of leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet

Our automotive service package is available in three options depending on the level of protection and warranty you desire:

  1. System X Max - This option provides super-slick and glossy paint protection with previously unachievable levels of durability, hardness, and chemical resistance and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
  2. System X Diamond - This option provides industry-leading levels of gloss and slickness with rock-solid durability. Black will appear deeper, red will pop with bright reflections, and white and silver will appear as they were dipped in gloss. Lifetime Warranty.
  3. System X Pro - This option provides a revolutionary advance in paint protection and imparts a durable, color-enhancing gloss that protects exterior surfaces for years to come. 6-Year Warranty.

Boat Protection Package

With this package, your watercraft is protected from the elements and looks like new with high gloss protection which means easy maintenance tomorrow. The package comes with a warranty guaranteed by System X Ceramic Protection. Protect your investment against friction, heat, cracking, peeling, and water elements.

This package includes:

• 2 Layers of Xtreme Super Slick™ 9H ceramic on gel coat surfaces

• 2 Layers of Xtreme Super Slick™ 9H on badges, emblems, trim

• 1 Layer of Glass™ on windshield/windscreen Interior™ protection of leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet.

Boat Detailing Package

Whether you are getting ready for the boating season, enjoying the season, or getting ready for winter storage, it's time to get your boat detailed.

This package includes:

• Interior cleaning and UV protection
• Exterior wash and polish with a coat of wax
• $25 a foot. Boats with extensive oxidation will have an additional buffing charge determined at the time of dropoff.

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